Essay: Constructionist View on Glass Ceiling

Sample Essay From the constructionist point of view, the other factors that contribute to the promotion of women in corporate positions is related to the culture of the region and the company it elf. “Corporate policies and practices can subtly maintain the status quo by keeping men in positions of corporate power. Boards of directors, which are mostly comprised of men, sometimes perpetuate the status quo by selecting CEOs who look like them.” (‘The Glass Ceiling: Domestic and International Perspectives’, 2004) Aside from this the work/social and home life that is balanced by the female is also a large contributor to the glass ceiling experienced at times of pay increase and promotions. The essentialist however state that as the candidate is a female she is not able to handle the stress, the long hours and the effort required in the demanding higher ranked positions. As a result they are experiencing the glass ceiling due to the nature of their gender.
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