Essay: Glass Ceiling Effect

Sample Essay One of the main issues that are faced by women in the workforce pertains to the glass ceiling effect. The term glass ceiling was coined in 1986. It is the concept that refers to the barriers to promotion and fathering of a female in the workforce simply based on her gender. These barriers are mostly faced by those women to aspire to attain senior positions in the corporate world. Originally it has been the belief of the employers and the companies that the senior positions are more appropriate for the men in the workforce as they tend to be more demanding, having a higher degree of authority and responsibility, and are critical in nature. One of the industries where this is most prominent is the law and regulation industry. Traditionally the founders of the law firms have been men, however, die to equal employment opportunities being adopted by the business, they are now hiring females as well. However, when it comes to making decision about promoting a n employee to be a partner in the law firm, the other partners are usually biased towards promoting men rather than women. This depicts the glass ceiling that is faced by women when striving to attain higher positions in companies. “Professional work involves three forms of uncertainty — problem variability, strategic indeterminacy, and dependence on autonomous actors — that weaken the association between performance and ability, leading organizational decision-makers to weigh gender more heavily in promotion decisions. Strategic indeterminacy also increases the need for trust, so decision-makers feel more comfortable promoting candidates of their own sex.” (Gorman, 2006)
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