Essay: History of McDonald’s

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McDonald was launched initially in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald. The brothers opened a hot dog stand in 1937, in California and through the success of that venture established the restaurant store by the name of Arcadia in San Bernardino. The menu mostly consisted of barbecue items according to the popular demand at that time. By 1948 the brothers were able to identify the increasing trend of burger popularity and reinvented their business production process to include an assembly line for burgers.

They also changed their product offering to include only Burgers, Milkshakes and French fries. By 1953 the brother began to franchise their restaurant and the symbol of Golden Arches was established as the logo of McDonalds. However it was not until 1955 that the brothers opened a restaurant for McDonalds. This was inOak Brook, Illinois and sis still referred to as the first McDonalds Restaurant.

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