Essay: The American competent model-Phase Three

12 Oct

Essay: The American competent model-Phase Three

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After looking on broader perspective for the competencies in the previous phase, the task of the third phase is to identify job competencies. In regard to job competencies,  Jenkins, (2005) and Peter (2005) states that the job competencies are the underlying characteristic of an employee such as motive, trait, skill, aspects of one’s self-image, social role, or/and a body of knowledge that are attributed to resultant  superior job or task or function performance. The job competencies that can facilitate superior job performance should guide in correlating the new roles and competencies.

Phase Four

The fourth phase entitles enactment of the sub model for the new roles and related competencies. Thereafter identifying the new roles and correlating them, the next task ion this phase is to think how to merge them into the existing organization structure. In most cases the newly indentified roles and competencies results in the need to establish new Human Resources Management organizational structures. This is because the new roles are not compatible with the traditional organization structures used. In other words, the new roles do not lend themselves to the traditional functional organizational structure which can be described as a “stove pipe” with narrow technical boundaries.

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