Essay: Possession of disease-causing microorganisms

11 Oct

Essay: Possession of disease-causing microorganisms

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It is shockingly true that possession of any disease-causing microorganisms is not criminalized in many parts of the globe. This has resulted into illegal possession of these pathogens by terrorists to execute their terror attacks. Strong laws are therefore necessary. Use of other legal instruments to detect this business should be used such as individual criminal records and history a country. The international community has failed not only in establishing law to govern handling of such microorganisms internationally, but also at local levels.

Apart from the USA, which has established a few legal restrictions, other countries all over the world are still reluctant. Access to airports with such raw materials for biological weapons is easier despite the tight security at such entry points. Poor screening material has swiftly allowed passage without detection necessitating international laws to allow critical screening for these warfare organisms and at the same time identifying, and prosecuting unregistered handlers who attempt transporting or selling these pathogens.

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