Essay: The American competent model-Phase Two

17 Oct

Essay: The American competent model-Phase Two

Sample Essay

The second Phase takes over from Phase one as a continuation of the implementation course. Ideally, this Phase broadens the way job tasks are identified. The persons in charge at this phase should in addition to looking at the knowledge(s), skills, and abilities (KSAs) as competencies by which workforce has traditionally identified as what is needed to perform the job tasks, also look on the other inputs for higher performance. This is because KSAs is not broad enough to ensure high performance for the federal and private sector organizations. Therefore, the other characteristics, traits, and behaviors that is important to fill the gap left by concentration on the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) should be ventured in.

In other words, the second Phase reiterates on the importance of inclusion of the other necessary factors that enhances and ensues high performance on the Emirati nationals rather than concentrating on the knowledge(s), skills, and abilities (KSAs). By doing this, the model shall have gone beyond the knowledge(s), skills, and abilities (KSAs) and to define “other characteristics” in order to ensure that they are part of the new “competencies” strived for in the Emiritisation program.

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