Essay: The use of the American Competent Model

17 Oct

Essay: The use of the American Competent Model

Sample Essay

The American competent model has been widely used in western to integrate policy both horizontally and vertically. The model is such a useful tool of design for Human Resources Managers as it enhances understanding and employing competence rather than intelligence of workforce. Therefore, it follows that in today’s dynamic and ever competitive world in business arena driven by knowledge competency model proves to be unavoidable human resources management tool.

Today’s business environment that requires placing of human capital at the center of success strategy for any business firms, the human resource manager should link key competencies and the organizations. Therefore, it is in this light that this paper shall examine the relationship between the American competency model and the UAE (United Arabs Emirates) firms in implementation strategy. In order to do this effectively, the paper shall examine the distinctive competencies, competency model, implementation and the relationship between these competencies and UAE firms’ manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, the paper shall at the same time provide insights on how to use competency tools to design skill development policies and implement effective Human Resource Management practices in UAE organizations.

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