Essay: The American competent model-Phase Five

11 Oct

Essay: The American competent model-Phase Five

Sample Essay

This is the last steps in a smooth course in implementing the competency model in the federal and private institutions. The task accomplished in this step is the development of the preliminary organizational positions or competency clusters. It follows that when the persons or senior management involved in the model implementation identifies the new roles and competencies which are then clustered, and/or organizational structures change, the traditional functional structured positions can no longer be efficient and therefore need to be replaced or improved.

As Boyatzis et Al. (1982) argues that once the workforce professional titles have changed too reflect the requirement of the competency model, the Human Resources will or/and may require new identities that better reflect the nature of their roles and competencies in accordance to the new model. Once this has been done it marks the end phase in successful phases in implementing the American competency model amongst the Emiratis nationals. However, the implementation requires some strategy for it to be successful.

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