Essay: Spine manipulation therapy for lower back pains

10 Oct

Essay: Spine manipulation therapy for lower back pains

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Method of data collection

Questionnaires will be used to collect data on different personal views on various perceived effects of manipulation on law back in pain treatment. This tool of data collection is very effective when it comes to getting very sincere personal views (Merriam, 1998, p. 27).   Respondent’s names will not asked and so that they can be able to give independent thoughts and observations about the effects they observe on patients who suffer from lower back pains. Questionnaires often provide a chance for collection of quantitative data due to their nature of asking close-ended questions that often provide numerical data (47). Questionnaires also provide an avenue for testing and proving the hypothesis for the research.

They also investigated satisfaction levels of the respondents and finding possible preferences to make management of data more effective. Brief questions will be utilized to boost confidence of respondents and add value to their accuracy. There will be more objective and not leading, simple and specific to particular matters they will be addressing. This will ensure that more accurate and specific answers are given thus avoiding wasting of resources such as time and energy.

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