Essay: Saudi schools in UK-overview

10 Oct

Essay: Saudi schools in UK-overview

Sample Essay

Establishment of the King Fahad academy in London is mainly viewed as a religious initiative. However, the use of Arabic as the first language has served as a disadvantage for many who would wish to join the school but use English only. This disparity has affected many people’s attitude towards the school since they see it as a biased institution. Religious tension between the Muslim and the Christians also affect the way people perceive the school and Muslim as a religion. However, the UK government has given freedom for such projects since it is a free country.

Employment prospects of graduates from this school are jeopardized when they try to fit into the general world. Despite the fact that people are free to use their language anywhere, it is also good to consider what effects the same would cause to fellow tribesmen. Otherwise, a negative attitude is probable where foreign languages are used in exclusively in areas dominated by other main languages deemed official.

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