Essay: Spine manipulation therapies for lower back pains

17 Oct

Essay: Spine manipulation therapies for lower back pains

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Quantitative and qualitative research

Both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis procedures will be used for this research. This is because both numerical and non-numerical data will be instrumental in coming up with the best results. Quantitative analysis involves obtaining numerical information about a study such as the number of patients, number of effects that are commonly experienced among others.

On the other hand, qualitative survey seeks to obtain data related to respondent’s experience, which can only be extracted verbally in a dialogue. Therefore, both methods are the most appropriate for this exercise. This will be the most effective ways of responding and giving the best answers to the questions that sought investigate the effects of spinal therapy on patients. This method enables respondents to give information freely and with ease since it is very comfortable to undertake for various data collection exercises for statistical reasons.

On choosing the best design, several factors will be considered like the availability of resources in terms of finances and time. An evaluative case study approach will probably be done for in this research. Quantitative approaches to descriptive and non-experimental research methods will be used to gain in-depth knowledge into what are the exact effects of manipulation on law back pain treatment.

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