Essay: Causes of Somatization

17 Oct

Essay: Causes of Somatization

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The causes can be categorized as biological, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic. Biologically, somatization disorder is strongly linked to antisocial personality disorder in family and genetic studies.

Evidence shows that somatization disorder and antisocial personality disorder share the same underlying neurophysiologic vulnerability (Phillips 235). On the other hand in cognitive behavioral, the disorder as discussed by researchers, may develop in individuals with historic illnesses and family members with a histories of chronic illness and as a result interpret bodily sensations as more serious illnesses. Psycho dynamically, according to Freud, symptoms that present in an individual were as a result of repression emanating from some kind of sexual conflict which then converted into a physical symptom for purposes of protecting the person from anxiety felt as the conflict is unaccepted by society. Freud further concludes that the person’s dependency needs are fulfilled through attention and sympathy.

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