Essay: Biological Treatment of Somatization

16 Oct

Essay: Biological Treatment of Somatization

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The biological treatment for this disorder includes the use of antidepressants which have shown some capability in alleviating the disorder mostly because anxiety and depression symptoms may occur concurrently with it.

Cognitive behavioral as a treatment mechanism focuses on identifying and modifying negative thoughts as well a relaxation training for purposes of reducing physiological arousal. This reduces immensely Somatization symptoms. Furthermore, engaging in less stressful and pleasurable activities also decreases the likelihood of occurrence of Somatization symptoms. The socio cultural aspect considers the fact that individuals unfound physiological basis of their symptoms may face rejection from society thus experience social isolation. To help curb this, building up a proper social network to help the person cope with stresses that trigger the symptoms may be considered as a primary solution (Greeves 98).

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