Essay: Black market for kidneys

16 Oct

Essay: Black market for kidneys

Sample Essay

In reality, there is an illegal black market for kidneys which is wrought by numerous malpractices which cost the health system dearly. Arguably there are already individuals willing to pay for a kidney and will not hesitate in doing so if presented the opportunity.

However, in the black market they are exposed to many hazards which may be well avoided if they had legal means of acquiring kidneys. Further, elimination of the black market by such a system may result to health benefits for the donor and the entire society. In the current black market, organ trafficking is likely to be designed in such a way that there is intentional use of vendors whose health is inclined to deteriorate. In addition, their economic values may also decline. This is facilitated because most vendors from lower societal class levels are predisposed to poverty and are likely to make uninformed decisions. These characteristics further heighten their risks and are therefore liable to benefit from a regulated vendor compensated system.

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