Essay: Causes of ADD

17 Oct

Essay: Causes of ADD

Sample Essay

The following have been suspected to cause ADD and ADHD.

  1. genetics
  2. infections
  3. brain destruction ( damage to the part that  coordinates attention)
  4. heavy metal toxics
  5. malnutrition
  6. allergies of food and chemicals
  7. immune defects

On the other hand, there are things that despite the fact that they are believed to cause ADHD, they least lead to ADHD. Such factors include:

  1. Poor parenting styles when bringing up children.

It is a misleading belief the children are at risk of being hyperactive by just observing their parent or by getting too much freedom from the parents to do what they so wish.

  1. Excessive or too little sugar
  2. Vitamin deficiency
  3. Being allergic to some food substances or just general allergy.
  4. addiction to TV and video games
  5. Lights.


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