Essay: Social meaning of homosexuality

18 Oct

Essay: Social meaning of homosexuality

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Conversely, the social meaning of homosexuality has shaped the domain of identity, emotions, and conduct associated with sex between men because social constructionism has defined homosexuality as a conceptual category that came by as a result of variation between historical and cultural settings. In this respect to the argument of essentialist’s biomedical factors as it involves nature with sexual orientation; social constructionism maintain that no one can be born a homosexual, instead it is nurture that plays a major role in creating homosexuality.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the view of a social constructionist in accordance to causation of homosexuality is not objective (Jones and Yarhouse 2000); it has relationship qualities and properties that are culturally defined and dependent as oppose to biological or psychological. In sum total, the word homosexual is a product of history, a cultural artifact designed to express a particular concept and not as perceived by many as a word with unvarying meaning. Since on pondering this issues relate to homosexuality, it can be clearly affirmed that gay identity is a product of nature than any other sexual identity.

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