Essay: Social movement

Sample Essay

The initiative represents a destructive version of the recently established principles of “social movement.” These principles includes: “assigning casual power to human agency, recognizing the importance and influential nature of “cultural resources” and “emotionality.”(274)

The structure of the development process followed three “contingencies” to “legitimize” the participant’s emotional “responses.”

1.)     The ambiguous and changing “nature of power relations.” The uncertain “nature of power relations” correlates with enacting or intensifying feelings of “insult, suspicion, defensiveness and the need to “assert or resist control.”

Influenced by the media’s validation of the “irrational” processes assisting with influencing participant’s “perception of other’s thoughts and increased distrust, resentment.”  Although, the article includes feminist attitudes and behaviors as a component of these “irrational process.” However, these feminist attitudes were not negative factors that promoted the “irrational” processes.  Instead, eliciting feminist attitudes and behaviors were a defensive response to these “irrational” processes. (275)

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