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Empirically, the work and writings of Garfinkel (1967) reiterate the views of essentialists that homosexuality is an inborn or inners sense or more biological aspect. ‘ Garfinkel writing of the Passing and the managed achievement of sex status in an intersexed person where there is a discussion basing on the Agnes views of her sexuality passing from a male to a really female gives us an insight that homosexuality is more explained by the aspect of inners and biological model . for instance, Garfinkel gathers the signs of a normal sexual status form Agnes exemplary studies to demonstrate normal sexual identity  as the possession of appropriate genitalia and the possession of ‘appropriate feelings, membership obligations and activities. This is opposed to the homosexuals because they do not have appropriate genitalia and the possession of ‘appropriate feelings, but may have membership obligations and activities.

In their views, social constructionists hold that homosexuality has existed almost everywhere, but it is only in a few cultures that it has been organized to become structured into a sub-culture. In support to this argument, it is repeatedly indicated that homosexuality was frequent pre-modern; but in few   closed communities was it ever institutionalized such as in monasteries and nunneries.

For example, there is a substantial body of literature that indicates that homosexuality has been in existence in various social contexts but creation of sub-culture is what makes the difference (Delamater and shibley 1998).  In another example, there is revelation that homosexuality evidences were present in knightly orders like Knights Templar and in some courts of certain monarchs like that for James I of England and William III were the great medieval scandals hint.

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