Essay: Socrates’ Three Reasons for not Escaping from the Prison

18 Oct

Essay: Socrates’ Three Reasons for not Escaping from the Prison

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Socrates gives three reasons for not escaping from prison.  He argues that he cannot put at stake the common good of those in Athenswho are willing to help him escape, since the authorities will apprehend them and punish them. Socrates finds no value in it. The second point is that he is not ready to disobey the state that he has gained from and its government. He is not ready to breach the laws. And lastly, Socrates prefers death rather go into exile. He cannot return a wrong-doing with a wrong-doing.

To him, it is the injustice of the highest order. I strongly agree that citizens of any given state should support the government in all its endevours. Even if the government may not deliver to the expectations of the citizens per se this should not be a reason to go wild. However, the functions of the government should be checked and regulated through good and competent checks and balances. I also concur that incompetent authorities should not be asked for advice; a person seeking guidance should always look for qualified personnel to do that. The government should ensure that all professionals are well licensed and accorded appropriate accreditation so that their practice is not feigned. Yes, unexamined life is not worth living!

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