Essay: Social Marketing

11 Oct

Essay: Social Marketing

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Social marketing has been ideally influential in altering a wide range of behaviors. Foxall et al (2006, p. 114) considers it as the most effective tool of reversing detrimental environmental behaviors. Consumer purchases affect the environment over a long period of time and more often than not quite extensively. Marketers are expected to appeal to the conscience of consumers by depicting these adverse long term effects on the product package. This strategy dissuades purchase or influences proper use mechanisms like the recycling of a plastic soda bottle as is indicated on the product. The same concept of social marketing is applied in the alleviation of smoking habits amongst youths.

Hastings and Macfaden (1998, p. 55) argues that teenage smokers identify with most tobacco advertisements which largely influences their smoking tendencies. This scenario calls for the use of the same media in depicting images of the harmful effects of tobacco use. Individuals forced to observe the detriment caused to the atmosphere by poor dumping of waste are bound to start the change process just as much as teenage smokers observing the effect of tobacco smoking on people’s lungs will. Goswami (2007, p.378) acknowledges that with the use of social marketing tools of motivation and team force, polio eradication campaigns can be highly effective. Therefore the promotion of mass advertisements and the use of incentives will draw target groups into acquiring polio vaccinations.

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