Essay: Self-Esteem Enhancement School Programs

11 Oct

Essay: Self-Esteem Enhancement School Programs

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Different stages of human life have a number of challenges associated to them. Genetics, environment and nutrition all have a great influence to the final being that an infant may develop and grow to become (Chao, 1994, pp.10116-11118.). During their development, the lives that children at different stages lead would determine the level of self esteem they would have in life. Self esteem thus is greatly affected by the levels of social, emotional, and physical competencies that a child would have at the early stages of growth. Culture, social background, gender and the social background have also been known to influence the levels of self esteem that individuals would have. School program play a central vital role in enhancing self esteem.

Stress greatly affects the manner in which people respond to life and other related challenges. The entrant to adolescence stage by children is sometimes an abrupt and unexpected stage in life to most children. To the young people, unless such a stage is closely monitored, it could lead to a number of problems to the youth (Roberts, Chen, Romeo, & Phinney, 1999, pp.278-322). In order to ensure that such minor problems are avoided, proper education and awareness need to be done by the parents and teachers in order to boost self awareness. In schools, teachers have a responsibility to ensure that the learners’ are made aware of the changes they would undergo and the emotional and physical transformations that are likely to take part in their lives. Through such education and self awareness efforts, schools ensure that the self esteem of the learners are enhanced. This ensures that through having high self esteem, the learners work towards achieving their goals and succeeding in their exams due to the fact that they are better informed about life, education and its importance, adolescences, among other related life issues that they are likely to encounter.

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