Essay: Drama Therapy to Eradicate Low Self Esteem in Children

17 Oct

Essay: Drama Therapy to Eradicate Low Self Esteem in Children

Sample Essay

Children experiencing low self esteem can be put through the same drama therapy in order to bring out their confidence and enhance emotional stability. In this sort of therapy, be it individual, family or group oriented children can use superhero figures in the role play. Rubin (p.24) claims that the use of superheroes allows children to resolve their inner feelings of strength or weakness and as they compare the qualities of superheroes, they find a place of identity.

Most superheroes are depicted as characters that have overcome major barriers and emerged strong and victorious. While a child plays the role of superhero, they are able to overcome their feelings of helplessness and inadequacy. Also, when in family therapy parents who play these superheroes provide the child with a role model for self identity and self confidence. Furthermore, role play in family therapy can enhance interaction within the family and as Sori (2005, p.38) argues provide an environment which encourages families to be cooperative and work towards getting solutions to their conflicts.

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