Essay: Sequence of language development

Sample Essay

Not all children develop their language at the same time even if they are of the same age. The typical language development is that which many normal children follow. At six months, the child is able to vocalize with information and can respond to its name when called. Human voices make the child at this stage to respond via turning its head and eyes even if there are no visual cues. Angry and friendly tones invoke appropriate response from the child at this age (Hamaguchi 2001).

Towards twelve months, the child can use one or more fragmented words with meaning. It understands simple instructions especially when physical or vocal cues are given. The child is also known to practice inflection and is aware of the impact of social speech. At 18 months, the child has mastered anything from 5 – 20 words especially nouns. It repeats a word or phrase over and over in what is called echolalia. The child is able to follow commands and has a lot of jargon with emotional contents (Hamaguchi 2001).

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