Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

At different academic levels students are given assignments to write different kind of essays. One of the types of essays is Compare and Contrast essay in which the students have to write about the similarities (compare) and dissimilarities (contrast) of two things. For writing a compare and contrast essay here are a few guidelines.

»   Select the objects of similar genre or sort. Your task is to compare the two objects on the basis of their characteristics, therefore, two entirely different objects belonging to different sort or genus is not a good idea to write an essay on.

»   Do a detailed study on the objects. Search for the characteristics of each. Write the information on a notebook so that you have a record of all the necessary information. If you avoid writing, you may skip any important aspect to include while writing your essay.

»   After you have gathered sufficient information, write a rough draft of your essay. Follow the structure of essay writing which has introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusion.

»   In the introduction, write the background of the objects you have selected and your purpose of the essay. Certainly the purpose is to compare or contrast between the objects, but it should be conveyed indirectly in the thesis statement so that the reader has the idea of what is coming further in the essay.

»   In the main body paragraphs, it is a good strategy to write the compare and contrast essay in a point-to-point manner. In each paragraph, describe a character similar or dissimilar between the objects. This way, it will bring a sequence in your essay and give an impressive impact to the reader.

»   In the conclusion write a brief summary of your essay. Rephrase the thesis statement so that the reader knows what has been told in the entire essay.

»   Finalize your essay in a proper format and citation. Check for any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. Then submit it to the teacher.

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