What is Plagiarism

Sample Essay – Plagiarism

The word plagiarism is defined in different dictionaries as ‘cheating’, ‘stealing someone’s ideas’, ‘copying’, ‘imitating’ etc. It actually occurs when you use someone else’s material, quotations research, content or anything, and present it as your own. Usually, people do not know ‘what plagiarism is’ and face difficulties thereafter.

Plagiarism is considered a crime, and the person found guilty of plagiarizing is penalized or taken to court of law. It is deemed to be unethical act of stealing other’s ideas and presenting as one’s own when it is not as such. Many people, especially students at different education levels, are found plagiarizing their assignments, research papers and dissertations.

They only copy the material from websites, books, newspapers, magazines etc and write the paragraphs copied from the sources in their academic papers. But then they are caught and punished.


There are software and various other means of finding out which paper has been plagiarized and up to what extent. The teachers catch the students plagiarism and punish them by having them write the whole assignment again, failing them in the exam, or at worst, expelling them from the college or university.

So what is the solution to it?

Students are always advised to quote other references in their assignments and give credit to the actual author. This way they are saved from showing other’s work as their own and also come up with good written material without causing them to lose marks.

Moreover, students are suggested to read through different sources, develop an understanding of the topic and write it in own words so that the work submitted is the original effort done by the student himself/herself.

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