Causes of Plagiarism

11 Oct

Causes of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a crime conducted in different fields of literature and education around the world. Academic plagiarism is when students at different academic levels copy the content from various sources and present it as their own intellectual work. However, when this crime is detected, the punishment is severe.

Why do students plagiarize? Causes:

Many students do not know the causes of plagiarism. There could be several reasons to plagiarizing the content in academic writing. After a survey it was found that most of the rationales fall under the umbrella of these causes:

Lack of writing confidence:

Sometimes, students find it hard to complete their assignments on their own and they copy content from different sources and present as written by them. They think that if they write in their own words, they may not come up to the requirements of the teacher and lose grades. These students should be guided to become confident and efficient at writing skills.

Lack of knowledge about plagiarism:

In different parts or the work, plagiarism is treated in different way. Similarly, it is taught differently and therefore students are not well aware of how to avoid this crime when a teacher or instructor assigned to them is from a different region or what is his/her benchmark of originality. It is suggested to the teachers to convey their requirements and rules to the students so that none of the students face any trouble in the end.

Deliberate deception or laziness:

Sometimes the students do not bother to work hard and seek for shortcuts. This is why they deliberately cut-paste the material from different books and websites and make some changes and present to the teacher. They think they are smart, but afterwards, when they are found with plagiarizing and deceiving the teachers, they are charged with heavy penalties.

Citing long paragraphs:

This is a mistake which usually students do because of lack of knowledge. They know to cite the sources and give credit to the real author, but it never meant to copy the whole large paragraphs to save oneself from using own intellectual capabilities and spending more time. This is also a part of plagiarizing when students copy large contents, no matter if they cite the source later on.

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