Essay: Resources in United States

19 Oct

Essay: Resources in United States

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The resources in United States are worth note thus making United States a hegemon. United States unitarily assisted Mexico in the Peso Crisis. When Russia was in need of economic revival, United States became handy in assisting it with economic aid. Moreover, using institutions such as International Monetary Fund, United States has convinced many countries to embrace free market (Joseph 3).

It is evidently seen that many countries have adopted free market. Lastly, through Washington Consensus, United States pushed nations of Latin America to undertake or carry out economic programs which were viewed by Washington to be necessary. The nations of Latin America did not hesitate to adopt economic programs which are used in Washington thus making United States a real hegemon (Nau 874).  United States is well known to enjoy total superiority as compared to other countries worldwide in terms of science and technology. Statistics show that United States is approximately ten years ahead of Japan and Europe in current high technology. It is also believed to be twenty years ahead of China in terms of technology and science. United States is far much ahead in technology thus being in a position to maintain its power since technology is required in economics and politics among other fields. The gap at which United States has left other nations is so wide that it cannot be narrowed currently, thus, making United States of America to remain as a hegemon in 21st century.

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