Essay: Asians in the United States

12 Oct

Essay: Asians in the United States

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The entry of Asians into the US is dated back to 1948, when a substantial number of Asians, particularly Chinese, landed on the American continent shortly after the discovery of gold mines in California (Lin, 1998). After the gold rush, these early Chinese Americans chose to settle for economic opportunities, and became a significant source of labor for building the trans-continental railways (Mei, 1979).

Other important sources of early Asian Americans include Japanese, Koreans and Filipinos (Daniel 1998). Seeing the increasingly large Asian population as a threat to Americas’ labor opportunities, Congress was pressured by public to take action in preventing the influx of Asian immigrants, prompting the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the Gentlemen’s agreement of 1908 ( Lee,2002). Latest developments in immigrant settlement patterns are altering communities across the United States.

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