Essay: Power in United States

14 Oct

Essay: Power in United States

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For a nation to qualify to be a hegemon, power is handy since ability of a state to influence results so that their preference precedes the preferences of other states or countries (Joshua 107). Basing on the question on whether United States has lost its power, it is vital that we check whether it has lost its power or not. Power is depicted in resources and production of the country. Although the resources have decline in United States as depicted by the now lower Gross Domestic Product, resources are not always determinative in showing power. For instance, the German troops that conquered Western Europe were fewer in number as compared to their enemies yet they won the battle thus United States is a hegemon (Brzezinski 123).

United States is endowed with structural power. After the incident of Exxon Valdez United states commanded oil delivery ship to have insurance with unlimited liability through a domestic law. Oil shipping companies though they are located overseas adhered to the law depicting attractive and non coercive power hence a hegemon. Using the power of military in campaign sounds good for success but using diplomacy and efforts of policy in solving such uncertain and complicated problems marks the first step in failure. Some imagine that the military of United States reshaping and overthrowing policies in the Mideast should have high payback and use low cost which has made neo-conservatives to have Iraq in their mission programs. Currently, United States has the will to use and show its power that it can achieve the democratic Iraq with the aim of changing the whole dynamic of Mideast politics (Brzezinski 134).United states is doing such great changes undercutting Islamic extremism and making the whole world know that United States power is something to be welcomed by all thus an hegemon.

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