Essay: Reduce alcohol abuse through social cohesion

18 Oct

Essay: Reduce alcohol abuse through social cohesion

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To counter these effects, Lee (2000) proposes that social cohesion is essential and family and community bonds should be enhanced through attachment. Particularly, he argues that interaction through various social activities has the ability to not only provide employment chances but also enhance community cohesion. This noble cause should be taken up by parents who should uphold good parenting skills.

The psychosocial environment that is affected by different factors also contributes differently to alcohol abuse within the unemployed in Australia. To this end, Forcier (2008) contends that the stressful conditions that these people experience makes them opt for alcohol abuse. According to McMichael (2004), lack of employment in itself presents feelings of inadequacy especially to the elder people who are charged with the responsibility of providing for their families. As a result, this is reflected in their children who increasingly abuse alcohol because of the stress that life presents. Often the youth from poor family backgrounds that are characterized by unemployment drop out of school. They then engage in criminal and other violent activities in order to earn a living. Lee (2000) affirms that the people that engage in these activities often abuse alcohol and other drugs as a coping mechanism.

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