Essay: Unemployment and alcohol abuse

18 Oct

Essay: Unemployment and alcohol abuse

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Abuse of alcohol is a practice that has various implications on the overall wellbeing of the society. While studies contend that moderate consumption provides protection to the health of the individuals, they also indicate that excessive consumption has harmful effects on the same. The main challenge is that the drink is addictive and therefore individuals that are not responsible should refrain from consuming it. Particularly, the unemployed should desist from the practice because they are more susceptible to addiction and surrogate drinking. This has severe health effects to their wellbeing.

It is in this limelight that this paper seeks to evaluate an in depth evaluation of unemployment and alcohol abuse in Australian Adults indigenous in Western Australia. To enhance effective coherence in the paper, it is organized in three subsections that exhaustively review particularistic aspects of the concept and implications of alcohol abuse to this group of people, the social determinants of health regarding alcohol abuse, the implications of nursing if a social determinants approach is employed in the planning and implementation of its strategies and the viable plans that can be undertaken t curb the practice.

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