Essay: Recovery from schizophrenia

18 Oct

Essay: Recovery from schizophrenia

Sample Essay

This condition needs a lot of time for one to show improvement but Kylie has been under medication for a year only. According to the study by Robinson et al, when patients are placed under a strict recovery criteria for two years continuously there is a recovery rate of 14% which can be attributed to following the laid down rules without abdication(Robinson et al 2004).

This shows that the recovery of this condition is entirely based on the will of the patient. If the patient were not positively oriented to understanding his or her condition then he or she would not try to live positively. It shows that Kylie had not accepted her condition and as a result, she was not in a position to understand why she had to take her medication without negativity. This study showed that after five years of medication 62% of the patients recorded improvements on the symptoms associated with Schizophrenia as well as clinical functions. This is a proof that the medication ought to be taken willingly until there is significant improvement on the patient’s condition. The effectiveness of antipsychotic drugs has been put in to question because a study done by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that patients in poorer countries where there are no antipsychotic drugs was higher than in developed countries (Kulhara, 2003). This may be attributed to the fact the there is social connective ness in the third world countries and as a result the patients have support from their families.

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