Essay: Recognition of Sex Workers

12 Oct

Essay: Recognition of Sex Workers

Sample Essay

The IUSW has in many occasions been heard demanding recognition of sex workers just like any other worker. The group ague that since this business can be run like any other, it should have its players recognized and allowed to join labor organization (IUSW). They have further argued that governments should come in and regulate the  practice just as it does for other businesses. This means paying taxes and other legal fee that is required by law (IUSW). To do this means that many people will be attracted to this trade since no capital is required but ones body only.

This union argues that many people will be able to rely on themselves and be independently satisfy their financial needs. This is however not guaranteed since a possibility of good financial returns is not guaranteed. Many people have been reported to have been exploited sexually and received no pay at all (Kara 2009, p. 77).

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