Essay: International Union of Sex Workers

12 Oct

Essay: International Union of Sex Workers

Sample Essay

In  this paper, the international union of sex workers (IUSW) and Apne Aap, a small NGO in India working with women and children are going to form a platform that will be used to analyze the whole topic on sex trading. Apne Aap is home based organization in India founded by Ruchira Gupta in 2002. It has supported over 10,000 women and children vulnerable to prostitution (Apne Aap).

IUSW is a United Kingdom based international union that strongly advocates for the human, labor, and civil rights of sex workers (IUSW). It was established in the year 2000 partly by a group of sex workers who had been ordered to vacate the Westminster city in London. Images in its website do not depict any kind of immorality but rather campaign wordings for instance, ‘stop the violence’ (against sex workers). Today, this organization stands for this morally rejected group among many societies of the world especially by the faith base organizations attached to different faith and believes. A good example of such religions is the Christianity and the Muslim beliefs that strongly have no room for sex work ideology.

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