Essay: Poor relationship with the boss as stressor

18 Oct

Essay: Poor relationship with the boss as stressor

Sample Essay

In terminologies of stress, poor relationship with the boss may be perceived as a threat whereby the employee is confronted with both the fear of losing the job in the event of a small misunderstanding with the boss and the possibilities of falling as victims of circumstances. Poor relationship with the boss originates from the broader angle that there is pressure and tension (Cary1998).

If the relationship is poor, it is definite that an employee will be stressed up. In this case, the poor relationship will be the stressor because, it will lead to an employee to be afraid of what might crop up in the next minute which injects in fear of the loss of the job. Employees who afraid will not be peaceful and as a result, their performance will be compromised. Every time this employee will just feel withdrawn and hence not in a position to work and deliver (James and peter 2007).

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