Essay: Method of Teaching Foreign Language; a Conclusion

17 Oct

Essay: Method of Teaching Foreign Language; a Conclusion

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Richards and Rodgers (2001) made concrete conclusions on the method. This included the fact that classroom instruction used to be conducted objectively in the target language,

as a few daily vocabularies and sentences were usually taught, oral communication skills were build in a careful progression that was organized around questions-answer interchanges between teachers and students in small and rigorous classes, grammar used to be taught inductively, new teaching used to be taught via modeling and practicing, proper vocabulary used to be taught through demonstrations, pictures, abstract vocabulary also used to be taught through the associations of ideas, that both speaking and listening to comprehensions were taught and correct pronunciation and grammar used to be emphasized.

The importance of using this framework in as the main tool for understanding the second and foreign language technology is wide and vast. First, a teacher is given a clear picture on the process of to follow in teaching his/her students on well and clear. It is also good in the sense that it gives students the prowess of understanding another language and also creates a lot of interest among the students in learning a second language.

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