Essay: The procedure for teaching foreign language

18 Oct

Essay: The procedure for teaching foreign language

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The procedure dictates associated ideas and a description of where it take and where should be carried out. This is a piece by piece and step by step description of the different activities and how they can be integrated to ensure that there is a working by the class and the way the activities can be used for presentation and practicing.

This encompasses an explanation on how activities can be used in a class and the details like setting up the instructions and the response during and after the activities and the assessment of the main objectives. As earlier mentioned, the manner in which elements that are procedural in the class are implemented is depends on the theoretical ‘Approach’ and the ‘Design’ that originates from it.

Henri Gouin (1880) is so far identified as a founder of language methods with its ‘naturalistic’ approach in his direct method that makes a basis of modern language teaching. Its basic premise was that one has to attempt to learn a second language in a similar way as infants learn their first language. It emphasized on oral interactions, lack of translations between the first and second languages and continuous and spontaneous use of a language with minimal or no analysis of rules of grammar.

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