Essay: Conclusion on the rise and fall of world powers

17 Oct

Essay: Conclusion on the rise and fall of world powers

Sample Essay

The argument of Kennedy Paul about the rise and fall of the world’s greatest powers over human history is to a great extend valid. However it is not 100% accurate and anywhere in this universe it cannot happen.

Basing on his central thesis of the argument that; the power measuring parameter using the balance between wealthy creation and military expenditure. The essay has explored these measuring devices used by professor Paul indeed there is some validity in this claims. For instance, china over currently has concentrated on the wealth creation by production and controlled minimal military expenditure: has seen to pose a threat toUSsupremacy.  

Therefore whenever the governance system fails to balance their scorecards between the economic output and inputs to sustain military force activities the decline shall be knocking at the door, whereas the reverse is true.

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