Essay: Conditions associated with ADD/ADHD

17 Oct

Essay: Conditions associated with ADD/ADHD

Sample Essay

Several conditions seem to be associated with ADD/ADHD which includes learning disabilities, behavior disorders, anxiety and feeling of depression.

Treatment of ADHD

It is agreed that there is no instant cure/medication for ADHD. The far that specialists can go is to help the victims live with the symptoms. This requires a coordination of a team of teachers, medical specialists and parents. The treatment or possible intervention strategies is much focused to the individual’s symptoms. This is because some people may have more challenges with the attention aspect while others may be deficient of the activity ability.

These in most cases involve the adoption of different approaches in treatment for a single case including medication, counseling services, and re-organization of school learning environment to better fit the young victims. Some kinds of medicines are capable of ameliorating the condition by focusing attention while minimizing hyperactivity. These today can be taken once a day or more.

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