Essay: Manifestation of bullying problem

11 Oct

Essay: Manifestation of bullying problem

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Both adults and young people are equally vulnerable to this vice and it can happen to either of them anywhere. Bullying can be emotional, physical, written, seclusion, exclusion, or even verbal (Walter, 2006, p. 9). In the modern world, technology has diversified the form in which bullying is executed. The use of text message services or even web sites has enabled perpetrators of this vice to reach specific targets such as gays, people of different races, disabled people, and many others as technology has the ability to expose, moreover reach them more conveniently (High, 2011). Some countries such as the UK have not yet been able to come up with clear definition of bullying therefore making it too difficult to tackle the problem. However, others like the US has had most if not all of its states come up with stringent rules or laws that aim at curbing bullying among its citizens.

Peer abuse is a form of bullying commonly experienced at place s of gathering such as schools or at work (Walter, 2006, p. 37). This form of bullying usually results in to exit of victims who may end up seeking alternative schools or jobs. If it happens at the village level, victims may also vacate the particular neighborhoods. This form of moving from one place to another to evade bullying is commonly referred to as ostracism (39). It is very serious since it compels people to vacate their residence for no good reason but escape bully’s wrath.

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