Essay: Marxism and crime

11 Oct

Essay: Marxism and crime

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The theory circulates around change and identification of disruptive forces within a society  (Engle, 2004). The theory evaluates the extent a particular society is divided a long the lines of wealth, power and prestige. Environment that could propagate crime are considered as structural crime causative factors. In his view, Karl Max believed that the people in the upper class used the law to impose their own rules to subject against the lower class to make them remain in those oppressive states. This theory therefore fits in describing state crime, state corporate crime and political crime.

According to  Engle (2004) almost every state is governed by some set rules making it possible to impose any kind of rule perceived favorable to their side. It is common that a certain small group will emerge as leaders in a state whether democratic or not who become decision making organs. Consequently, society is forced to contend with the influences made by this ruling class. In other words, the modern state is largely driven and affected by those who control the means of production. Examples of how this can be depicted in colonial law in colonial states such as East Africa. The British created laws that would assist them in the process of securing returns from coffee plantains. This theory is a focus on social isolation where a certain group oppresses the other and in return there is retaliation (Hart, 1982).

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