Essay: My Rights as a Worker

11 Oct

Essay: My Rights as a Worker

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In this paper we are going to discuss workers right in Canada and rules and regulations that affect labor standards. Every employee has a right that they are entitled to when they accept job offers. This therefore implies that they have to be treated in a more humane manner. Breach of these rights would render their job worthless and exploitative (Hassmann, & Welch, 2006). The working conditions would not be friendly at all. On issues regarding labor standards, it is important that rules and standards are set to ensure that employees are not unfairly dismissed. Failure to have proper mechanism in place would lead to a crisis.

This implies that proper channels that have been put in place have to be followed to the letter. Cornell Law School (2009) found out that until recently, the international human rights organizations, human rights scholars, and even labor organizations and advocates had given little attention to workers rights as human rights.

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