Essay: Managing Cultural Differences in an Organization

18 Oct

Essay: Managing Cultural Differences in an Organization

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The author then analyzes the traditional collaboration approach and argues that it is not sustainable because of the fact that it employs a dominant party that compromises meaningful participation of both parties in decision making. In addition, he asserts that in a bit to attain unity, the affected teams are likely to submerge their identities and compromise their individuality. Ultimately, this adversely affects their creativity. Thus in such a scenario, managers fail the organization by failing to help the respective teams perceive the cultural differences as purely cultural and not personal or organizational.

Furthermore, the managers fail to develop integrative and creative ways of dealing with the emergent differences through meaningful participation. In this consideration, the author presents the fusion approach that supposedly addresses the changes associated with collaboration. He demonstrates that formation of teams that are culturally representative and addressing the issue of language barrier can help overcome the implications of dominance of a single team.

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