Essay: Choosing the best Research Design

18 Oct

Essay: Choosing the best Research Design

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This method not only gave room for better and accurate information but also exposed further information that quantitative methods would not. The issue of male ex-offenders having difficulties in securing jobs is a psychological one and much detailed in emotions suffered by this group. Information regarding such details can best be obtained and analyzed using a qualitative approach as it allows a researcher get closer insights of information about such psychology-oriented views. Qualitative approaches are known to have a sociological significance in extracting information from respondents. It was for this reason that this exercise was done using the method.

On choosing the best design, several factors were considered such as the available resources in terms of finances and time. Evaluative case studies approach was settled at in this research. Qualitative approaches to descriptive and non-experimental research methods were used to gain in-depth knowledge into the questions: What is a terror attack? What are the attributes of an act of violence that could define it as a terror attack? What comprises a terror attack? What are the different components or parts that a terror attacks can be broken down into? What constitutes the Internet? How can the Internet be used to carry out terror attacks and finally, can anything be done to prevent or decrease the ability of terrorists to use the internet for nefarious purposes? This was ensured to make the research components work together in a desired protocol of events that focus on these questions. Qualitative research design enables researchers to get deeper into the real world of people or the matter being researched on. It gives no room for pre-imposed theories since the outcome or the result gave the real situational concepts about the study topic.

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