Essay: UAE federal organization

17 Oct

Essay: UAE federal organization

Sample Essay

Therefore, the UAE government strives to make changes to the federal organization and also private institutions. In it’s in this line of thought that both UAE’s private and public organizations continue to search for avenues to improve performance of the workforce and organizations, while at the same time upholding the need to enhance the international image of the United Arab Emirates as a major strategic, educational, business and trading paradise. Therefore, it remains a daunting challenge to the UAE organizations to have the bearing toward attaining this vision.

As a matter of fact, UAE’s organizations ability to adapt to an ever dynamic and increasingly competitive environment has become to be the reality that differentiates between their extinction ‑­

and survival in international arena. Therefore, there is an increased need and urgency for organizations to enhance high service levels to that facilitates customer satisfaction wile at the same time improve staff development and qualifications. Summing this drives all together, they have given impetus to initiatives that help to cultivate new attitudes and approaches in staff management of which competency management is inventible to the UAE context.

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