Essay: The Los Angeles of post modernist era

18 Oct

Essay: The Los Angeles of post modernist era

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To take a moment and acknowledge the early modern urban experience in Los Angeles is to appreciate the changes which have occurred over time and influenced postmodern urban trends. Los Angeles in the modernist era had a form of virtual reality in the componential public display of its culture. Coupled with its dynamism, Los Angeles in the modernist era can offer crucial insight on developing the now postmodernist city which is also as dynamic.

Appreciating this suggestion will enable urban analysts to understand Los Angeles not only as a postmodernist city bust also as a real world city. This way Los Angeles is seen as a heteropolis and not a mere exaggerated heterogeneous society. More so, it will cease to be considered as utterly formless and sprawling but instead gain unique form. Postmodern times are accompanied by an increasing desire for the study of urbanization trends especially due to the emergent of more urban areas. As such, Los Angeles should be studied with reference to its history. The contrasting of this modernist perspective to the current postmodernist ideology is inevitable and clearly justified. Therefore, Los Angeles needs to be studied by looking beyond the enveloping world constraints and just epitomize it as a reflection of future cities in the world.

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