Essay: The link between Morality and God

18 Oct

Essay: The link between Morality and God

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As noted above the link between morality and God confirms the belief in most claims that there exists a necessary connection between morality and religion. It had been outlined earlier that there is such a thing as Christian morality. In this view, no God, no morality therefore, God becomes the measure of what is morally right or morally wrong. Moral teachings suffice from quoting the scripture especially the Ten Commandments and the Gospel according to Christ’s Gospel. For instance, a group of people will condemn acts of fornication or adultery as morally wrong because one of the commandments forbids adultery. In deed, it is written that you shall not commit adultery.

Virtue and ethics cannot be treated as separate concepts. This is emphasized by Aristotle when he equates right and wrong with the traditional virtues, the aids to forming a good person. No doubt that the good person of Aristotle is of moral integrity and uprightness. Just like Plato talked of temperance, fortitude, and wisdom as the highest virtues that any human being should strive for so does Aristotle. In fact, it is believed that the works of Aristotle are but footnotes of Plato.

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