Essay: Environmental Problem of Los Angeles

Sample Essay

In the face of an arising issue within Los Angeles, a postmodernist urban analyst provides a sound structure for identifying the disruption in the existing network. The issue is not addressed through a commonality of concepts but by addressing various conflicting concepts within the city.

With the exemplification of an environmental problem, it is possible to appreciate the cohesive capacity for postmodernist approaches to succeed. In studying all linguistic, historical, biological, fictional and political ideas, the analysts then draws their conclusions on the environmental issue. This inclusion of personal perspectives in the analysis may influence the positive derivation of knowledge by analysts. Leonie (1998, p.217) agrees with this claim explaining that it is crucial for any analyst to respond to their personal connections with the city. It is in this, that postmodernist approaches give urban analysts the unraveled desire to understand the city and its issues more inherently.

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