Essay: Environmental Ethics

Sample Essay

Environmental Ethics, due to the plurality of ethical viewpoints is an area that raises a lot of controversies. It is very difficult to come to an agreement during deliberation on what policies to put in place as far as environment is concerned.

In fact, an analysis of ethical issues in any discipline is always faced with difficulties that emanate from diversity of opinions. I believe that there is no opinion or school of thought that can be absolutely true. Every standpoint suffers certain prejudices or bias. The best thing is to consider each case and make a synthesis. Only in that manner can one arrive at a proper view of things. In our case, anthropocentricism and ecocentrism have got certain aspects that are appealing but on the other hand there are those aspects that cannot be acceptable. The problem arises when each viewpoint goes to the extremes instead of taking a moderate stand. In my opinion, all the ethical view points are valid but need to be complimented by the others.

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