Essay: My local Government Representative

17 Oct

Essay: My local Government Representative

Sample Essay

My local government representative is Kathrine Vanover who is a member of the Alaska city council. John C. Combs is the mayor of the council. Vanover was first elected to the council of Palmer in October 2001 and reelected in the years 2004 and 2007. Her current term shall expire in October 2010. Her interest is childcare and women rights and related issues. Her phone number is 907-745-4517; her email address is, while her physical location is 440 N Bailey Street.

On the other hand, Combs was elected to the mayoral position in 2004 and was later reelected in the year 2007. Prior to his election as a mayor, he was a Palmer Council member. His major interest is to ensure that a unique profile of the city is maintained. He also has an unwavering interest in community development. The mayor’s phone number is 907-761-1313 or 907-746-0367, his fax number is 907-745-0930, his electronic mail address is while his postal address is 886-Palmer, AK  99645.

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